Oswald Green Technologies, Inc.

Sustainable Solutions with Wastewater


Unmatched Cost Advantage

Capital Costs:

Construction: Construction costs of an Energy Pond™ System are much less than those of conventional systems. Energy Ponds™ do not require massive concrete and steel structures, but rely on natural earthen ponds. The sustainable design provides a much longer life cycle than conventional sludge plants. Further, an Energy Pond™ System has only one main moving part, a paddle wheel along with transfer pumps to move the treated water to final stage treatment. Conventional sludge plants cannot clean with the same simplicity and efficiency.

Design Engineering: Design costs are generally based on the flow and construction costs of a plant. These are arguably lower for Energy Ponds™. Each Energy Pond™ System is specifically designed by our expert team to meet individual climate, terrain, and soil type of the plant site.

Operating Costs: As would be expected, Energy Ponds™ also have much lower operating costs. Unlike mechanical sludge plants, one employee, working an 8 hour shift, can handle all of the operational requirements. OGT trains and provides certified operators at each plant.

Land Requirements: An Energy Pond™ System requires a larger initial land foot print than conventional sludge plants. But, the size advantage is soon lost. Conventional plants produce large amounts of partially treated sludge that has no real commercial value. Sludge poses an environmental hazard and usually must be placed in landfills, at great expense. Over time the space requirements of a sludge plant generally exceed that of an Energy Pond™.

Adaptable, Sustainable and Built to Last

Adaptability: Imagine putting an activated sludge plant in the middle of a park. A smelly noisy mess would be the result! Energy Ponds™ are quiet, have no bad odor, and consist of aesthetically pleasing ponds. OGT Energy Ponds™ can be designed to be integrated into Greenways and parks, creating mutlipurpose areas.

Built To Last: One of the first Energy Pond™ Systems was constructed in St. Helena, California over 50 years ago. Since that time, the system has required no major repairs, nor has any residual sludge been removed from the primary pond.

Sustainable: Energy Ponds™ require minimal electricity, have few moving parts and employ nature's best waste treatment processes: anaerobic bacterial digestion and photo synthetic algae. They are designed to perform at the highest levels.