Oswald Green Technologies, Inc.

Sustainable Solutions with Wastewater


Oswald Green Technologies, Inc. (OGT) is a water technology company based in the United States.  OGT offers a proven, sustainable wastewater treatment and resource recovery technology that provides superior performance in both mature and developing economies.

OGT's mission is to advance our sustainable wastewater treatment and resource recovery worldwide.

Energy Ponds™ represent the latest advancement of our 50 years of research into Advanced Integrated Wastewater Pond Systems (AIWPS®). Through the work of Dr. William Oswald and Dr. F. Bailey Green, AIWPS® technology has harnessed the power of nature in bacterial algal symbiosis. Energy Ponds™ not only provide complete wastewater treatment, but also capture hidden resources in organic waste streams. 

Aerial photo of St. Helena Advanced Integrated Pond system

Energy Ponds™

Energy Ponds™ do more for less. The series of ponds clean wastewater to the highest standards, with a negative carbon footprint, while producing energy and recovering nutrients in the waste stream. They are designed to local conditions and meet or exceed all effluent requirements.

Energy Ponds™ can replace or augment conventional systems with a proven low energy, carbon negative wastewater treatment that captures energy and resources.